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Lemarti's Camp
5 Spacious Safari Tents

Anna designed every inch of this gorgeous property both inside and out. Design is in her genes - her mom is an interior designer and her dad is an architect.  The camp is open and alluring; both visually and physically connected to the incredible magic of the African bush. All of the rich and colorful furnishings were designed by Anna and handmade by local artisans. There are no set itineraries here. Guests can stay in bed until noon or leave before daybreak to take in the spectacular ornithological paradise. Guests are encouraged to interact with the land and the amazing Samburu people who call it home.

Koija Group Ranch - Laikipia Plateau Area, Kenya

December-March & June-October

The best months for travelling to Kenya are June through the end of October and then December through the end of March. If you are wanting to see the Great Migration then I suggest the months of July, August and September; these are also the busiest times along with the Christmas holidays, as this is when there are school holidays. If you prefer to travel when the game is still superb but it is not so busy then I recommend the following months: September, October, November, February, March, April, May and June!
Game Drives, Nature Walks and Explorations, Bird Watching, Night Gazing & Archery.

What is truly unique about staying at Lemarti's Camp is experiencing the Rites of Passage safari that Lemarti has crafted. It is an experience unparalleled in East Africa today. No safari vehicles or armed guards here. Guests quite literally walk into the wilderness with Samburu warriors armed only with their traditional weapons, their sharp senses and generations of knowledge. These gentle tribesmen will talk with you about their ways, connect you with amazing wildlife and take you into a moment in time that is both authentic and other worldly.
Owners & Hosts

Lemarti's camp was built and is run by a local Samburu guide - Loyapan Lemarti - and his Kenyan-based fashion designer wife, Anna Trzebinski.

Lemarti's Camp is an unforgettable safari hideaway in Kenya's breathtaking northern Laikipia Plateau, one of the last frontiers of virgin wilderness and home to the majestic Samburu people.
Lemarti's Camp lies nestled in an oasis, a spectacular setting beneath a grove of palms and centenary fig trees. The twist here is that while the local Samburu community owns the land, the camp itself was built and run by a local Samburu guide - Loyapan Lemarti - and his Kenyan-based fashion designer wife, Anna Trzebinski. This unlikely duo met on safari - he was her guide - and were later married. Their dream camp emerged, nestled in an oasis in a spectacular setting plush with creature comforts, in the heart of the African Bush.

Luxury, by Lemarti's definition, lies in offering an authentic experience, superbly talented guides specialized in local knowledge, delicious food and the simple elegance of the camp's aesthetics created by Lemarti's wife, celebrated designer Anna Trzebinski.

Anna "stitches tents of locally loomed cotton in the same workshop where she creates beaded tunics and accessories inspired by indigenous Kenyan designs. Set on platforms above a river bend, the camp's tents are furnished with tables and beds built with wood from dhow boats, and decorated with African-themed found objets d'art: crocodile skulls, elephant shoulder blades, beaded walking sticks and clubs. "For me, a tent should be the veil between you and Mother Africa, a sheer shield to protect but not in any way disconnect you from her presence. To be under canvas on a comfortable bed, with the smell of acacia blossoms --in the old safari days this was intoxicating enough, but now we have the ability to improve on the concept." - Anna Trzebinski, Travel & Leisure

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