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Lewa Wilderness
Eight Cottages

Lewa Wilderness sleeps 16 people housed in 8 beautifully decorated cottages, featuring fireplaces and verandas, and is the home of Will and Emma Craig. Guests can relax by the fire in Will and Emma's cosy sitting room and share meals around a long banquet table in the open-air dining room. Natural springs, home-raised livestock and a 5-acre organic garden are transformed by skilled chefs into healthy and delicious food.
Lewa Conservancy, Kenya

Day and Night Game Drives, Bush Walks with a Professional Tracker, Horse Rides, Camel Rides, Game Blinds, Hiking/Jogging with a Maasai Warrior, Visiting Lewa's Ancient Archaeological Site & Visiting a Maasai Cultural Boma.

Guests have the opportunity to be involved in a living and dynamic conservation operation and are always encouraged to visit and engage in our conservation activities. Among the activities available to visitors, who are accompanied by our trained and experience local guides are: Day and night game drives, Guided bush walks, Horse riding, both for non-experienced riders and very advances riders, Game watching up close from secluded game blinds, Day or overnight camel safaris, Educational talks on the Conservancy and related issues, Visits to the Il N'gwesi Maasai cultural boma, Walking safaris, Flights to Lake Rutundu on Mt. Kenya for trout fishing. Conservation orientated activities, include visits to Lewa supported schools; visits to water schemes and other community development activities; days or half days out with the research department learning about Lewa's Rhino and Grevy Zebra projects; accompanying the tracker dogs on daily training/exercise; accompanying the lion trackers to get data on Lewa's resident lion project and trips to the adjoining Ngare Ndare forest to look for the elusive colobus monkey population and to learn about the indigenous flora and its local uses. Wilderness Trails hosts and flies the only open cockpit biplane in East Africa which will take you around the conservation areas of northern Kenya. It is a truly magical experience and very much returns you to the "Out of Africa" era. The pilot, Will Craig, has over 5,000 hours experience flying mostly in the Lewa area and can show you how the conservation project is improving and positively affecting the local communities.
December-March and June-October

The best months for traveling to Kenya are June through the end of October and then December through the end of March. July, August and September, are the busiest times along with the Christmas holidays as this is when school holidays fall. If you prefer to travel when the game is still superb but it is not so busy then I recommend the following months, June, September, October, November, February, March, April and May!
Local Info

Owing to its location in the private wilderness of the not-for-profit conservation success story, Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, guests at Lewa house have an almost exclusive access to an area teeming with a variety of exciting wildlife, of most note being the endangered species such as rhino (which Lewa is probably best known for) and the Grevy's zebra (we have 17% of the world's population). There are myriads of other animal species, which provide as much viewing pleasure as the famous big five, also found on Lewa. Bird enthusiasts marvel at the more then four hundred identified bird species, some rare, others abundant, all beautiful.
Owners & Hosts

Lewa was once a cattle ranch; it then became a heavily guarded black rhino sanctuary, and it is now the headquarters for a non-profit wildlife conservancy, which has gained a world-wide reputation for extending the benefits of conservation beyond its borders. The Craig/Douglas family first came to Lewa Downs in 1922, and managed it as a cattle ranch for over 50 years. Unlike many other ranchers in the area, they had always valued the wildlife that shared the land with the cattle, and developed wildlife tourism as an additional activity. By the early 1980s it was uncertain whether any black rhinos would survive in Kenya. Poaching for horn had reduced Kenya's rhinos from some 20,000 in the mid-1970s to a few hundred by 1986. It was clear that the only way to prevent their complete extinction was to create high-security sanctuaries. In 1983 the Craigs and Mrs. Anna Merz - who funded the program - decided to establish the fenced and guarded Ngare Sergoi Rhino Sanctuary at the western end of Lewa Downs. The rhino sanctuary was stocked partly with animals from other reserves and partly from isolated individuals from northern Kenya, whose likely survival in the wild was a matter of months at most. The black rhino that were caught settled down and bred, and white rhino were added. After ten years, it was clear that the rhinos needed more space, and the sanctuary was expanded to cover the rest of the ranch, and the adjoining Ngare Ndare Forest Reserve.

Lewa Wilderness Trails is the family home of Will and Emma Craig and is situated in the eastern corner of the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy. The lodge has entertained guests in luxury for over thirty years, and the hosts continue to make every effort to ensure that guests enjoy comfort and luxury in addition to exciting safari activities.
Lewa Wilderness is one of Kenya's oldest private safari experiences. For forty years guests have been coming to this remarkable region to be part of an adventure like no other. Those four decades have seen that passion passed down through the Craig family and we proudly continue to run Lewa Wilderness Trails and Lewa Walking Wild today.

Sitting in the shadow of Africa's second highest mountain our climate at Lewa is perfect with warm days and cool nights. Our plains and valleys are full of some of the most endangered animals on the globe and we are delighted to play our part in their survival. It is our unique partnership with local communities that gives a commitment to hospitality and conservation that goes right back to our beginnings in the 1930's.

For all visitors to Lewa Wilderness Trails Lodge and our camel walking operation, Walking Wild, it is a chance to experience some of the spectacular nature close-up in the company of the indigenous guardians of this fine wilderness. We strive to give Kenya to you on your terms, be you an individual, a couple or a family. On Lewa there are a wide range of activities and adventures to discover in both comfort and style.

Above all the Craig family and our small African community offer the warmest of true Kenyan welcomes. We hope very much to have you here at Lewa Wilderness Trails or Walking Wild before too long and to allow you to truly experience adventure in comfort.

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