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Northern Frontier

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Ol Malo
Four Rock & Thatch Cottages

With only four luxury ensuite cottages, with huge homemade baths and showers, the hospitality at Ol Malo is outstanding. The Francombe's offer their guests a very personal and exclusive experience in this peaceful wilderness. Tastefully built out of natural rock and olive wood, guests enjoy an indescribable view of the Northern Frontier deserts and Mt. Kenya. The separate cosy living room and dining room are kept warm in the evening by a crackling fire. Delicious home-style meals are served by candlelight in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere in the main rooms. A secluded free-form swimming pool is perched on the cliffside.
Northern Frontier District, Kenya

June - October; December - March

The best months for travelling to Kenya are June through the end of October and then December through the end of March. July, August and September, are the busiest times along with the Christmas holidays as this is when school holidays fall. If you prefer to travel when the game is still superb but it is not so busy then the following months are recommended: June, September, October, November, February, March, April and May!
Nature Walks, Game Drives, Visit a Samburu 'Manyatta' and Discover Samburu Culture, Bush Picnics, Sundowners, Horse and Camel Riding, Game and Bird Life at the Waterhole & Relax at Unique Swimming Pool.

Guided nature walks and game drives, a visit to friendly neighbours at a Samburu 'manyatta' allows guests an insight into the unchanged, colourful Samburu culture. Bush picnics, sundowners, horse and camel riding and a visit to watch the game and bird life at the waterhole from a hide. Or simply relax and take a dip in the unique swimming pool.

Wake up to see the mind-blowing sunrise, framing the snow-capped peaks of Mt Kenya. Celebrate the new day with a dawn ride into the wilderness. Feel the night's chill burn off with the rising of the great equatorial sun. Keep the tempo with the world by the roll of the camel's stride. Visit the colourful Samburu nomads of the North and sink with the dying sun into the waters of the pool. At night luxuriate in the peace and comfort of Ol Malo and tune into the magical sounds of wild Africa under an ancient starscape. To stay at Ol Malo is to abandon oneself and live by another drumbeat in a wild and beautiful land. Day and night game drives are available, as well as game walks, camel treks, horse rides and visits to the neighboring Samburu manyattas. Ol Malo provides a unique insight into an area where people, livestock and wildlife have coexisted for generations. Days at Ol Malo are as full or as unruffled as guests prefer.
Local Info

The Kijabe Group Ranch Project
The Kijabe Group Ranch is a 15,000 acre dryland ranch located 10 miles from Ol Malo in the vast and wild reserve area of the nomadic Northern Masai people. In 1976 this beautiful ranch was set aside for 100 Masai families as a group ranch, but they have never had the help or means to develop it. In 1999 the elders approached us at Ol Malo to help them to develop their ranch. We suggested an ecotourism project whereby 5000 acres would be set aside as a conservation area to be developed for their wildlife with a small exclusive lodge to host up to twelve guests. The remaining 10,000 acres would be utilized by the members for their livestock on a carefully managed basis ensure the protection of the environment and wildlife. The concept is for the local people to run and host the project under our and we have now drawn up a detailed plan the project and have obtained basic funding through the African Wildlife Foundation, The Ford Foundation, US AID, Phil Osborne's Wildlife Trust in Atlanta and the Impala Trust in conjunction with Princeton University. The land is strikingly wild and beautiful with magnificent views of Kenya's vast Northern Frontier Province. The site selected for the lodge is set amongst umbrella acacia trees on a rugged plateau overlooking this amazing vista with the imposing view of Mount Kenya tot he south and you will be hosted, guided and looked after in this beautiful wilderness by tall lean Masai worriers. An added attraction comes with a pack of rare African wild dog, which has its breeding layer within the conservation area of the sanctuary.

Arts & Crafts Project
Once the group ranch is set up, our daughter Julia will begin to work with the people, especially the women and children encouraging different art and craft projects. She will also work with the children encouraging their artistic talents within the local areas and schools.
Owners & Hosts

Colin and Rocky Francombe, both born in Kenya of settler families, designed and built Ol Malo with a deep understanding of how it should be. They are glad to share their knowledge and love of this magical land, account their tales and adventures with its wildlife and Samburu peoples and welcome you to their extra-ordinary bush home in Kenya - Ol Malo, place of the Greater Kudu.
Press & Media

The BBC has been filming at Ol Malo recently, as a female leopard with two cubs were sighted below the house (one spotty and one black). This is a rare sighting and has been exceptional entertainment for many guests.
Ol Malo, the place of the Greater Kudu, is Colin and Rocky Francombe's home. The 5,000 acre ranch and game sanctuary lies along the Uaso Nyiro River on the edge of Kenya's Northern Frontier District. Colin and Rocky Francombe, both born in Kenya of settler families, designed and built Ol Malo.
Colin and Rocky Francombe, both born in Kenya of settler families, designed and built Ol Malo with a deep understanding of how it should be. Colin and Rocky, and their son Andrew, are glad to share their knowledge and love of this magical land, account their tales and adventures with its wildlife and Samburu peoples and welcome you to their extra-ordinary bush home in Kenya - Ol Malo. Place of the Greater Kudu. Situated on the northern edge of the Laikipia plateau nestled into a rugged escarpment looking out across the time-honoured lands of Kenya's Northern Frontier District. An ancient land inhabited by wildlife and peoples of a time long ago, undisturbed and living by the rhythm of nature, there, as part of this untamed and beautiful landscape is Ol Malo. To stay at Ol Malo is to live by a different rhythm - measure the day by the timeworn patterns of nature.

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