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Northern Frontier

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Sarara Camp
Five Luxury Safari Tents

Built of materials local to the area, the carefully handcrafted details of the construction leave an indeliable impression. The sitting and dining area, which is rustically furnished, offers a cool and spacious atmosphere under a huge thatched roof. Guests can relax on comfortable sofas or on the wooden deck that overlooks the natural rock swimming pool. Meals are served on a hand-made table, built from a long-dead acacia tortillas found on the site. The camp overlooks a waterhole, where elephant and many other animals such as kudu, impala, giraffe and leopard come to drink. Birds flock to the feeding table in a constant flurry of activity. Sarara is designed to be booked on an exclusive-use basis. The five double tents have fully-equipped private shower-rooms, are roomy and well appointed. Each has its own verandah from where you can admire the magnificent views, watch a squirrel scrabbling for food or search for the golden oriels in the nearby scrub. A symphony of sounds greets the dawn rising to a crescendo at nightfall. The surrounding wilderness is constantly alive. Sarara's Samburu hosts, all from the surrounding communities attend to their guests every need. They delight in assisting visitors to explore one of Kenya's most beautiful wilderness areas.

Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust - Mathews Mountains, Kenya

June - October; December - March

The best months for travelling to Kenya are June through the end of October and then December through the end of March. July, August and September, are the busiest times along with the Christmas holidays as this is when school holidays fall. If you prefer to travel when the game is still superb but it is not so busy then the following months are recommended: June, September, October, November, February, March, April and May!
Hiking Excursions to the Mathews Rainforest, Climbing, Moonlit Bush Dinners & Fly Camping.

Namunyak is a truly un-spoilt wilderness conservation area with few roads. The emphasis here is mainly on walking excursions, with local Namunyak community game scouts as guides. Hiking into the Mathews rainforest, Climbing to the top of Lolokwe with donkeys, Fly camping safaris with camels along the wide sand 'luggas', Moonlit bush dinners beside natural animal watering points, Day trips to Samburu and Shaba game reserves. One of the highlights of the Namunyak area must be a visit to the famous 'Sarara Singing Wells'. Samburu warriers bring their cattle to these watering holes on a daily basis during the dry season. Some of the wells are up to 10 metres deep. The warriors strip off, descend to form a human chain and chant traditional Samburu songs as they pass water up by hand for the cattle. This mind-blowing ritual goes on for several hours a day.

Local Info

Fair Trade / Responsible Tourism
Up to the 1980s, the area around Sarara Camp was rife with poaching. Harnessing the local community, with backing from various places including Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Tusk Trust, plus the energy and passion of many individuals, Namunyak Wildlife Conservation has become an incredible success story. Rangers keep poaching down to almost nothing, wildlife is flourishing, and the local people get an excellent income from the lodge through bed night fees and conservation fees. Water pumps, schools and health projects have been some of the benefits from this income.

Guest Reviews

"You have to make an effort to get to Sarara Camp, however the journey is completely worth the time and expense. I absolutely adore Sarara. The visit to the Singing Wells was a privilege not to be forgotten. The camp is impeccably run, giving a relaxed atmosphere but with an air of professionalism. All this and a community project too. I highly recommend it."
- Amanda Marks, Tribes director.

"Please bring most of your friends."
- John, Village Chief.

Owners & Hosts

Piers and Hilary Bastard

Sarara Camp is situated to the north of Ol Donyo Sabache (Ol Lolokwe), just below Warges peak, in the fabled Mathews Mountains of Northern Kenya. The Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust where Sarara camp is located, is an area of approximately 75,000 hectares is home to the proud Samburu tribes.
The Namunyak Wildlife Conservation Trust where Sarara camp is located, is an area of approximately 75,000 hectares is home to the proud Samburu tribes people, a group of semi-nomadic pastoralists who have for long shown tolerance for the wildlife that co-exists alongside their cattle. The Trust was set up in 1995 specifically to promote wildlife conservation and to assist the local community to benefit from tourism, in return for protecting the wildlife species living on their land. Sarara is a dry season refuge for several hundred elephant and numbers increase dramatically during the rainy seasons. Lion and leopard are resident and there are two separate groups of the endangered African hunting dog, with one pack numbering at least thirty individuals. Other wildlife species of particular interest include kudu, Grevy's zebra, striped hyena and gerenuk. There are black and white colobus monkeys in the forest.

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