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Parc National des Volcans

Virunga Lodge Properties

Virunga Lodge
Stone & tile bandas

Volcanoes is the only company to have built its own exclusive eco-lodges near three gorilla parks and are currently building Kyambura Gorge Lodge next to a threatened community of chimpanzees. Our eco-lodges are thought to be the best in the region. We believe that ecotourism in these remote areas needs to respect the culture of local communities, their modest economic means and the fragility of the environment. Providing western standards of comfort needs to be balanced with the pressure local people face in obtaining food and clean water. In designing our eco-lodges, therefore, we ensure that water consumption is reduced and waste disposal controlled, and solar power is used instead of generators. The eco-lodges, conceived and built by Praveen Moman, co-founder of Volcanoes, and a team of African builders, led by John Ssemanda, reflect local architecture. With the help of Prabhat Poddar, an expert on Vasthu, they incorporate ancient Indian concepts of harmonizing the energy of buildings with the earth. Robin Pendleton, a designer from New York, acts as a consultant to create locally inspired interiors. Virguna Lodge is in a spectacular location overlooking the volcanoes, Lake Bulera and Lake Ruhondo with 8 bandas facing the Volcanoes or the Lakes. The lodge is a 30 min drive from the park.
Parc National des Volcans

December-March & June-October

Uganda and Rwanda are both near the Equator. As a result the climate does not change much, this makes both countries all year round destinations. The rainy seasons tend to be from March to April and October to November, but this varies in different areas and it can rain any time of year, especially in the gorilla parks areas. Travel can be slower in the rainy season but the views are often better. Gorilla tracking can be muddier but remains open. In the mountainous areas it is much colder than on the plains and the rainfall is greater. The temperatures on the plains tend to be between 21C and 30C and in the mountainous areas they can go down to 10C in certain months. So our advice is to travel when it is most convenient and usually the rain, which is often for short periods, is part of the great experience. A client may avoid tracking in the "official" rainy season only to find that it pours throughout his visit during another period! For this reason Volcanoes does not close our lodges during the rainy season as they do in savannah countries
Gorilla Trekking, Visit to Dian Fossey's Grave, Track Golden Monkey, Climb a Volcano, Village Walk & Discover Intore Dancers.

In Parc National des Volcans on the Rwandan side, where Dian Fossey worked, there are four habituated gorilla families and thus the main activity at Virunga Lodge is Gorilla tracking. Other activities include climbing volcanoes, tracking the Golden Monkey, visits to the Karisoke Centre setup by Dian Fossey and gentle strolls around picturesque villages surrounding the lakes.
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Owned and managed by Volcanoes Safaris.
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Volcanoes Safaris named one of the "Best Adventure Travel Company on Earth" by National Geographic Adventure magazine.

The Virunga Lodge is in a spectacular location overlooking the Virunga volcanoes and shimmering lakes Ruhondo and Bulera. Set on a stunning hillside, the lodge has eight bandas with a panoramic view of the Virunga volcanoes and the lakes Ruhondo and Bulera.
The terraced gardens on this high ridge are now well established, with a magical sunken paradise garden as their focal point. Aside from gorilla tracking, clients can climb a volcano, track the golden monkey, visit Dian Fossey's grave or go for gentle strolls around the picturesque villages near the lakes. The lodge is a three hour drive from Kigali or a long day's drive from Kampala.

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