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Finch Bay Hotel Properties

Finch Bay Hotel
The Finch Bay Eco Hotel has 21 Garden View Rooms and 6 brand-new Ocean View Rooms.

The Finch Bay Eco Hotel has 21 Garden View Rooms and 6 brand-new Ocean View Rooms.

- Private Balcony
- Outdoor Jacuzzi
- Outdoor Pool
- Restaurant and Bar Lounge
- Beachfront Access


Santa Cruz Island
Things To Do

Multi Sport Activities

- Excusions to nearby islands aboard hotel's own yachts
- Mountain bike in the highlands of Santa Cruz Island
- Introduction to Diving (DSD Discover Scuba Diving)
- Snorkeling at selected spots (snorkeling equipment is provided)
- Explore the bay on Sea Kayaks
- Birdwatching along the mangrove forests that surround the hotel
- Hikes to Tortuga Bay
- Trek to Las Grietas, lava crevices that form beautiful deep ponds
- Observe giant Galapagos tortoises in their natural habitat
A unique way to discover the Galápagos Islands, in close contact with the natural world, at the beachfront Finch Bay Eco Hotel - the ideal spot for an unforgettable journey.
Whether you are looking for pure leisure or more active exploration, the Finch Bay Eco Hotel offers a secluded and serene environment to unwind alongside the pool or at the beach and a variety of daily activities to suit your interests: from an easy stroll in the surrounding mangrove forests to observe several species of Darwin's Finches (among over 30 species of resident birds), to photography, biking, kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, hiking, enjoy the sun at the beach or the pool side, visit the nearby Charles Darwin Research Station, see giant tortoises in the wild in the highlands and take day outings to the islands on board the hotel's own yachts - the Sea Finch and the new Sea Lion.




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